Garcinia Cambogia Extra 60 mg HCA

Garcinia Cambogia Extract can be an effective “fat burner” for most individuals if a good extract is used properly. Notice, we stated “most individuals.” Humans are biologically different and respond differently. Even the best of dietary supplements are not 100 percent effective. Next, humans being human do not always comply with directions, making any natural ingredient or medicine less effective. To repeat, even a very effective agent, can appear ineffective if used improperly. We have a saying, “If you don’t comply, don’t complain.”

To summarize how to achieve the best results with a Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

Choose a preparation that is at a minimum 50 percent HCA and is not composed wholly of calcium salts: make sure potassium and/or magnesium is present. If the product is 60 % or more HCA and has a low lactone content, that it is even better.
Be sure to take an adequate dose with plenty of water. For a scientific preparation used successfully and reported in a peer-reviewed publication, the dose was near 1.5 grams of the salt taken three times a day before meals. With a 60 percent HCA preparation, that approximates 0.9 grams of HCA prior to each meal. A very pure potassium or potassium-magnesium HCA salt likely will be effective at a significantly lower level of intake because more bioavailable.
Take the product on an empty stomach, approx. 30-60 minutes, before meals. Food dramatically reduces the bioavailability of HCA.
Do not expect to experience either a rapid weight loss or extreme appetite suppression over the first two weeks. HCA’s impact on appetite is significant, yet subtle and its impact on body weight is effective over an eight-week period, but rarely over the initial two weeks of ingestion. Metabolism have to get use to the changes in food intake. The mirror, in this case, is more instructive than is the scale.
Remember, “If you don’t comply, don’t complain.” Take the right dose at the right time.

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